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Try Our New and Improved Twitter Guide for Teachers!

Top Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

Our guide to Twitter for teachers has been phenomenally popular. Countless kind people have retweeted it and spread it to an even bigger audience.

Which is why I’m pleased to announce that the guide is recently updated, containing new information on top science tweeters, top geography tweeters and over 40 Twitter #edchats for teachers. Exciting stuff!

To get your new copy just fill out the short form below and you’ll go straight to it.

We’re updating the guide all the time, so if you want to be kept up to date with the latest copy select the checkbox to keep you up to date with the blog and you’ll always get the freshest version!


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6 responses to “Try Our New and Improved Twitter Guide for Teachers!”

  1. An informative and very well written guide.

    Many thanks, Alex.

  2. Avatar Oyster School Web Design says:

    I’m just writing one of these for our school web clients, this really helped. Thanks!

  3. Avatar Kev Burke says:

    Interested in Twitter Guide for Teachers.

  4. Avatar Nicola Callow says:

    Please send the Twitter for Teachers Guide

  5. Avatar Sharon Young says:

    Please send the updated Twitter for Teachers Guide – the old one was very useful!

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