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Using TwitterFall to get the most out of Twitter Chats

Top Twitter Hashtags for TeachersTwitter is a fantastic resource for teachers and even just in its every day form can be a brilliant way to exchange ideas – but one time when it really comes into its own is during chat sessions such as #UKEdChat where hundreds of tweeters converge to share ideas on a common topic for an hour.

It can, however be rather over-whelming.

Lots of people have asked for advice on how to get the most out of chat sessions so I thought I’d share with you how to use TwitterFall a free and easy to use tool which has revolutionised my approach to #UKEdChat which I participate in each week and could be used for any chat session.

I recorded a short video to show you around TwitterFall – I hope you’ll find it helps you to see Twitter Chat sessions as a fantastic CPD opportunity rather than simply information overload!


(This is my first screencast so please be gentle, but feedback – good and bad – would be much appreciated!)

In addition to this, I’ve put together a list of ideas for getting the most out of Twitter Chat sessions. ¬†Please take a look and share your ideas.


26 responses to “Using TwitterFall to get the most out of Twitter Chats”

  1. Brilliant! Just what I needed!

  2. Avatar Marcus Belben says:

    Great – was talking to teacher friend earlier today about this. I will forward to others

  3. Avatar phys1cs says:

    Excellent stuff. Awesome radio 4 moment near the end.

    • ….I figured everyone would get bored before that point and that noone would ever notice. doh! I did consider re-recording but figured I’d just make the mistake again. I’m a bit of a ‘one take’ kinda gal! … It’s VERY hard to talk about Twitter and Chat for that long without making that mistake

  4. Avatar Debbie Chad says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. I have always wanted to take part in a chat session, but didn’t know how. Now, I do. :) You are the best!

    • This certainly makes it a lot easier, or at least, I think so. Lots of the big chats have specific webpages to explain how that particular chat works as they can vary a little bit. The best way though is just to jump in and give it a go. People tend to be very friendly and although it’s quite manic, you learn a lot pretty quickly and meet some great new folk to follow along the way.

  5. Finally watched it closely! It is amazing! will use it tonight. BTW can you do two at once?

  6. Avatar Jasmine says:

    How do you create your own chat session. For example, if I took my students to a computer lab and wanted to host a chat session about a topic we were studying in Biology, how would I go about doing that?

    • Hi Jasmine. If you were looking to create your own twitter chat session you would need all of your students to have twitter IDs – they can sign up via then you would need to think of an appropriate hashtag that hasn’t already been taken (you can find out by typing your proposed hashtag into the search box #biologychat or similar then your students would all tweet using the #BiologyChat hashtag or whatever you chose. If you wanted other people to join your class you’d need to promote the session – probably using a related hashtag would be best e.g. #EdChat to see if there were other teachers whose classes wanted to join in.

      Good luck! If this wasn’t what you were driving at with your question, do please let me know…

  7. Avatar Jasmine says:

    Thanks so much! Your video and site is so helpful. I’m presenting on blogging and twitter to a group of teachers and I’ll be sure to cite this blog as a resource.

  8. Avatar Jasmine says:

    Hi Pooky, I’ve got an update on my situation for you. I’m sure that some of the problem is that I’m still learning to use twitter, but I tried to create a chat with a former student of mine (she’s pretty twitter savvy) and none of our comments made it on the screen, but they showed up on our twitter pages. Next I tried to access the #UKEdChat twitterfall and had limited success…the most common result was that it would show a page of twitterfalls but then stop even when my mouse was nowhere near the top of the screen. I even tried to add a comment and it never showed up either. I could use your expertise.

  9. Avatar Jasmine says:

    Thank you kindly!

    I’m sure it’s a simple fix…your video make it look quite easy


  10. Avatar Leah says:

    Pooky, I loved this presentation. It was exactly what I needed! Thanks!

  11. Great video, Pooky. Concise and to the point. Very clear presentation – both visuals and sound. This was your first attempt? I’m impressed!

  12. Avatar Ross Mannell says:

    Twitterfall sounds very useful. Thanks for the instruction video. I’ll check it out.

  13. Avatar Sarah says:

    Brilliant, thanks for taking the time!

  14. Avatar Fiona says:

    So helpful! Thanks very much.

  15. Avatar Amy Keith (AC_Keith) says:

    A very clear explanation, thank you! I’m looking forward to using it for tonight’s chat.

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