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UK Ed Chat – A Guide

UK Ed Chat – A Guide

What is it?

UK Ed Chat is a live chat hosted each week on Twitter where fast and furious debate and conversation takes place on current educational issues that cross all sectors of education.

Who Participates?

Hundreds of Tweeters take part, ranging from those training to teach, through to head teachers and just about every type of educator in-between.

Why would it be of interest to me?

It’s a great form of CPD – by sharing your skills and experience you will help others and with such a diverse range of people involved in the conversation, even if you are very experienced you are likely to learn something new too.

You’ll often get pointed at great resources too.

In essence it’s a great way of learning… without feeling like you’re learning!

What kind of topics get discussed?

The topics are wide ranging, recent examples include:

  • How to cope with challenging pupils
  • How to get ‘behind the times’ schools, ahead…and FAST!
  • Making Learning Fun
  • What formative assessment tools do you use? Do they work?
  • How do we manage resources effectively in these times of diminishing funding?

When is it?

Every Thursday evening from 8pm-9pm.

How can I join in?

You can take part passively or actively.  Either way I would advise the use of a desktop client such as Seesmic or Tweetdeck as the conversation is really very fast.

You will need to set up a search for #UKEdChat – this will allow you to view every comment that is added to the conversation.

If you just want to watch that is fine, just sit back and watch the (hundreds of) #UKEdChat tweets come up on your screen.

If you want to actively participate then jump in on the conversation.  Make sure you include #UkEdChat in every tweet or those following the conversation won’t see your words of wisdom.

You can either respond to what someone else has said, retweet their comment if you thought it was particularly interesting or noteworthy or, of course, you can make a brand new point of your own.

Everyone is very friendly and there are no silly questions on #UKEdChat – there is a real community spirit and everyone is keen to share knowledge and learn together so don’t be shy!

We hope to see you there!

13 responses to “UK Ed Chat – A Guide”

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  5. Avatar TRACY Fenton says:

    i would like to collaborate or maybe even converse with you as we seem to be doing similar work within eduction and creativity. Thank you
    Tracy Fenton

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