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UKEdChat summary – Promoting Positive Behaviour

Good half term? Bad half term? A few questions for effective reflection

Sadly #UKEdChat has been blighted with technical issues this week.  So the poll and the summary are here rather than in their usual place.  Thankfully, @ePaceOnline who had hoped to learn the ropes by co-hosting the session with me, stepped into the breach when the technology failed me (and many others) and led the session with great success.

So here’s her summary:

Session 51: ‘Innovative ideas for promoting positive behaviour – discuss!’

The session was blighted at first by hashtag system not working, this led to many who wanted to join in not being able to. Once underway, with those able to access the tweets it was a very lively debate, with excellent contributions coming in so quickly it was at times difficult to keep up.

So, firstly apologies to those unable to join in and I hope this summary does the discussion justice.

Summary of discussion

Please read the archive of tweets when it becomes available as it read like an excellent manual for promoting positive behaviour.

The first message is that teachers should model good behaviour for pupils; no good shouting to ask pupils not to shout! We should be encouraging positive behaviour for the whole school, not just the pupils.

Here is a list of the main thread of the discussion:

Reward positive behaviour

Label praise

Humour can diffuse difficult situations

Don’t fan the flames

Be fair and consistent

Be human and real

Get feedback from pupils ‘What was helpful /unhelpful for learning?

Have clear expectations with differentiated outcomes at times

Talking calmly is infectious!

When all else fails don’t continue to do the same things and expect different results

Find something very good about your most challenging child – nothing succeeds like success.

Always be FAIR

For the pupil bad behaviour can be the solution not the problem

Begin each session as a fresh start, move on and refocus on positive behaviour

Build positive relationships with ‘Hard to reach’ pupils

Find the triggers for what makes pupils behave well not badly

Allow for ‘take up time’ so pupils can process what is being said

Do work on ‘Rights and Responsibilities’

Model impeccable behaviour

Should be a ratio of 5 positive home contacts to 1 negative one.

Meet anger with calm ,always find a way back

Rapport with pupils ‘Do unto others as you would be done by!’



I hope that this is an accurate summary of main points, it was a lively and very positive debate, almost every tweet was notable so please read archive and many thanks to all contributors.

A fitting discussion for ukedchat’s first birthday (mine as well but not saying how many I have had).

About your host:

@ePaceonline teacher now consultant, passionate about enabling every pupil to thrive and survive in our education system.


Now please vote for this Thursday’s #ukedchat which will be hosted by @bevevans22


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