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Developing Skills through Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting school improvement through coaching, mentoring and recruitment.

Coaching and mentoring makes a significant difference to the both the individual's and school's performance.

It provides objective, focused, professional support to help teams and individuals to break down barriers to their success. This increases job satisfaction and enables individuals to make measurable progress in realising their potential and increase their effectiveness.

Coaching for senior leaders

Headteacher receiving coaching and mentoring in school

As a headteacher there can often be so many conflicting demands on you that charting a clear strategy can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The objective input of a mentor, who's been there before and grappled with the same issues, can be of enormous benefit in helping you see what's important among all the noise.

It gives you someone to share your challenges and ideas with, without fear or agenda and get genuine unbiased feedback.

Some headteachers decide to have a one-off session with a consultant but most find working together on a monthly, termly, or 6-monthly basis to help refine your plans and agree an implementation strategy has the most benefit.

To organise an informal chat call 020 8680 4077.

Newly-appointed managers

School manager receiving coaching and mentoring

Do you have individuals who are being appointed into their first management role? Or are you an individual taking your first steps into leadership?

If you are a new or aspiring middle leader then having a series of 1:1 sessions with a consultant to talk through ideas can set you off to a flying start. We understand the concerns that new managers often have such as how to prioritise new duties against existing ones, how to instigate change and how to successfully make the transition to being respected as a leader.

For more information contact call 020 8680 4077.

The induction of NQTs

Newly Qualified Teacher receiving coaching and mentoring in school

Being an NQT can be as much daunting as it is exciting. If you have NQTs in school who require additional support then mentoring is a great solution.

You will have the confidence that your new starter is getting enough expert support especially if you are short on resource, and they will have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of someone external to the school without feeling judged by colleagues as their confidence grows.

We can work with individuals or groups on a regular or ad hoc basis. For more information call 020 8680 4077.

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