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Teaching & Learning and Departmental Reviews

See your school through the eyes of an inspector

Ofsted inspector conducting a teaching and learning review

With the constant changes to the Ofsted framework and ever increasing expectations on schools, how will your school measure up when the inspector walks through the door?

Increasingly, schools aren't willing to leave this to chance and are commissioning Creative Education's Ofsted trained inspectors to perform teaching and learning reviews to give them an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

And unlike Ofsted, in addition to giving you a clear and objective snapshot of your school we can also provide you with practical solutions for addressing the identified weaknesses - turning them into strengths.

Classic Ofsted-style Inspection

This replicates exactly the format of an Ofsted inspection in terms of the number of inspectors, the topics covered and the time assigned to lesson observation.

As well as giving you a clear snapshot of how your school is performing it will also help get staff used to the style of inspection, meaning they will be less apprehensive when faced with the real thing.

Ofsted-style Inspection Plus

Of course when Ofsted do inspect your school they won't inspect every teacher, and may rarely see a whole lesson of those teachers they do drop in on. If you want to get full coverage and 'the Ofsted view' on all teachers in your school then Ofsted Inspection Plus is the perfect choice.

The inspection will still be run to the key criteria of the Ofsted inspection handbook - the only difference is that inspectors will observe all teaching, with feedback either to you or the teacher as desired.

Subject evaluations

If you have a particular area of concern we can dive deeply into it with a focused review. We will analyse all your relevant data, visit the school to discuss with staff, students and leaders, and where appropriate observe teaching and learning practice.

At the end of the process we will provide you a clear report with our findings and suggested action points.

Training needs analysis

Effective professional development is of huge importance to raising the of standards of teaching. Often we find schools struggle with the training needs analysis process - understanding staff's key priorities for development and aligning that with the requirements set out in the school development plan.

We can help you set up a robust training needs analysis, looking across all key competencies and the varied forms of professional development to formulate a training plan that really supports your school's priorities.

For those schools looking to accredit their training systems we also have a partnership with the CPD Mark.

For more information call 020 8680 4077.

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