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Creative Experiments

KS3 and KS4 lessons in chemistry, physics and biology to incorporate into your teaching

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Find a huge range of exciting and engaging experiments to safely incorporate into your KS3 and KS4 lesson plans in chemistry, physics and biology.

  • Be able to demonstrate ten exciting and educational experiments in your biology lessons
  • Be confident in answering questions from pupils around each experiment
  • Know how to set up the equipment
  • Be aware of the health and safety issues for each experiment
  • Show the video of the experiment as a summary or as exam revision
  • Teacher resources and student worksheets for each experiment

This series is relevant to:

  • KS3 and KS4 science teachers
  • Teaching assistants and technicians working in the science classroom.
  • Led by science teacher Neil Atkin
  • 10 chemistry experiments for you to carry out in your chemistry classes
  • From exploding cans to disappearing ink and a completely new way of demonstrating molecular bonds, you can be sure that your lessons will both engage and educate your class.
  • Led by Advanced Skills Science Teacher Neil Atkin
  • 11 experiments for you to carry out in your physics classes
  • Experiments shown in a new light including Van de Graaff, bottled balloons and the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.
  • Led by Advanced Skills Science Teacher Neil Atkin
  • 10 exciting biology experiments
  • Use experiments such as glowing gherkins, fortified cornflakes or the taste challenge to inspire learning.
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