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Positive Behaviour Management

Featuring The Positive Teacher, The Positive Lesson, The Positive Classroom and The Positive Start

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This series features practical advice direct from Sue Cowley, author of the worldwide best seller 'Getting the Buggers to Behave'.

Featuring The Positive Teacher, The Positive Lesson, The Positive Classroom and The Positive Start modules, this pack gives dramatised ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenarios, so you can see how Sue’s techniques work in practice.

This series is relevant to:

    • Primary and secondary schools
    • Experienced Teachers
    • NQTs
    • Teaching Assistants
    • Support Staff

  • Become an effective manager of behaviour in the classroom and beyond
  • Learn the ‘basics’ of behaviour management – key skills and strategies
  • Get the best behaviour and learning from the students

You will learn how to:

  • Communicate your expectations of students effectively
  • Model a calm, consistent approach
  • Use structure to achieve good behaviour
  • Develop the techniques for high quality voice usage
  • Understand what effective non-verbal communication looks like

  • The complex role of rewards and sanctions
  • Ways to make students feel positive about being in their lessons
  • Helping students feel good about behaving well themselves and as a group

You will learn how to:

    • Create a positive atmosphere – where your students want to behave
    • Use the ‘language of choice’ to encourage students to control their behaviour
    • Minimise stress, stay in control, and present an effective role model
    • Build a sense of partnership and teamwork with your class
    • Make the most of rewards – use them in a creative and imaginative way
    • Apply sanctions in a calm, effective and non-confrontational manner
  • The link between high quality teaching and learning, and better student behaviour
  • Why students misbehave
  • How to pre-empt problems through pro-active strategies
  • Taking a more creative approach within lessons
  • Tips and advice on the best ways to deliver and format lessons
  • Lesson content to engage students

You will learn how to:

    • Format lessons – to give a clear structure and good pace
    • Capture the class’s attention and bring a lesson to life
    • Explore interactive and multi-sensory approaches to teaching
    • Add variety to your lessons
    • Give clear instructions, that your students will follow
    • Find effective ways to get and keep the class’s attention
  • Specifically for newly qualified teachers
  • An ideal addition to your Induction Programme for NQTs or teachers on the GTP or Teach First
  • Practical strategies for managing behaviour
  • Example of an effective ‘first lesson’
  • Helps you build confidence in your approaches to behaviour management
  • Scenarios include ‘winning back’ a class or a student


  • Know how to use your teaching space most effectively
  • See how to prepare a positive first impression right from day one
  • Get to grips with your Whole School Behaviour policy
  • Plan for a successful first day, week and term in your new role
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