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Making Student Voice a Positive Force for Change in Your School

Developing confident and resilient learners

Course Reference: 40004WW
Price: Call 020 8253 8241 or click 'Enquire'
Timings: 10am - 4pm Enquire Now
When implemented effectively, student voice enables schools to develop a strong ethos, where pupils are engaged and excited about learning. This course will offer you practical guidance on how you can get the best feedback from your student body, how far you should go and how to get past any initial teething problems.
  • Define the benefits and the limits of student voice
  • Establish how to get the school ethos right
  • Student councils – how to prevent them from becoming mere talking shops
  • Student surveys – how to conduct, analyse and act on them
  • Use student feedback to improve teaching and learning
  • Develop an action plan for implementing it in your school
  • Identify some common concerns, and how to overcome them
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