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Managing Asbestos on Education Premises

Establish how to safely manage and effectively discharge the legal responsibilities with regard to asbestos-containing materials

Course Reference: 40022WW
Price: Call 020 8253 8241 or click 'Enquire'
Timings: 10am - 4pm Enquire Now
This course aims to raise awareness at all levels of the significance of having asbestos containing materials on the premises, the risks they pose and the duties that fall upon both managers and other employees.
  • Develop an understanding of what asbestos is and what it has been used for
  • Explore the risks to health of exposure to asbestos
  • Examine the legal duties to manage and control asbestos
  • Identify practical examples of how the duties can be carried out
  • Devise an action plan
  • Communicate your plan to all affected parties


The nature of asbestos

  • The various types of asbestos – origins and properties
  • The effects of exposure to asbestos – fatal and non-fatal effects, some statistics
  • How exposure takes place – and how it does not

How asbestos has been used

  • Why has asbestos been used?
  • What parts of the building may contain asbestos?
  • What do asbestos containing materials look like?

Legal responsibilities

  • Some legal background – why we need to make asbestos a priority
  • Case Law – how things have gone wrong, and continue to do so
  • The Regulations and the duties they impose – what they mean for us

Managing the problem

  • Identifying asbestos containing materials and the risk they pose
  • Active management processes, removal, containment, etc.
  • Information, training, giving a sense of proportion
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