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Tackling Stress in School

Essential practical suggestions for minimising the impact of stress, for students wellbeing.

Course Reference: 40041WW
Price: Call 020 8253 8241 or click 'Enquire'
Timings: 10am - 4pm Enquire Now
This course can be run at any time of the year for all age groups but it is most popular with those preparing for exams. The focus is on creating coping strategies, developing a more positive outlook for all students but it also includes approaches to revision, study skills, ways of overcoming problems and blockages and developing effective work habits. The course can also explore some creative approaches to assessment and handling feedback which can be useful for all subjects and age groups.
  • Recognise that small gains matter — they can be proud of every day achievements
  • Realise that we all work and learn at different rates and in different ways. We should not always be comparing ourselves to others
  • Understand that there is more than one path to success
  • Develop an understanding of the pressure they put on themselves and gain effective strategies to cope with pressure from others
  • Develop planning strategies and routines which are motivating and satisfying
  • Use failure, hard work and problems as a positive part of their development
  • Gain the confidence to ask questions
  • Develop essential study skills and confidence for independent learning


Warm ups and understanding stress

  • Warm up activities — to get used to talking voicing opinions — identify what is causing stress?
  • Avoiding comparisons — seeing how everyone is different, has different needs and that there is often more than one right answer
  • Stress Vs Aspiration — effective, non stressful, revision techniques and study skills

Developing resilience

  • How can we show that we kept going in the face of problems — try, try other ways
  • What can we do to become more resilient? — a series of practical exercises to be evaluated and adapted
  • How can we learn from adversity — ways to manage failure and problem solving techniques

Managing — if all else fails

  • Practical skills to manage stress — managing time, food, other people and workload
  • Case studies — what advice would you give, standing in someone else's shoes?
  • How can we support each other?

Putting it all together — real life scenarios

  • Forum techniques — motivating and empowering students t make changes and make progress
  • Self assess and action planning — go back to the areas that are causing stress and plan solutions!
  • Planning ahead — revision plans — setting schedules and routines that work for you
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