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Using Transactional Analysis (TA) to Develop Personal Team Effectiveness

An introduction to TA giving participants a different way of viewing how they and others behave

Course Reference: 40052WW
Price: Call 020 8253 8241 or click 'Enquire'
Timings: 10am - 4pm Enquire Now
Do you ever find yourself wondering why you get locked into the same negative behaviour patterns with colleagues or with your team members? Do you seem to get nowhere fast with some people? This course will help you understand why you may behave in certain ways, and why you get the responses you do. It can assist you with understanding and developing your teams, and getting the best out of yourself and others either as a leader or a team member.
  • Gain a basic understanding of Transactional Analysis to discover your ego states, communication patterns and your drivers
  • Gain an understanding of how psychological games come into play in the workplace
  • Work more effectively with your teams and get the best from them using their technique drivers
  • Improve communication skills within teams and throughout the organisation


Ego states

  • Understanding the 3 ego states — parent, adult or child
  • How to recognise which ego state you or others are operating in
  • How to keep your adult in charge


  • What you say is not always what you mean!
  • How to recognise effective patterns of communication
  • How to deal with negative patterns of communication

The drama triangle and the games we get into

  • Understanding the drama triangle — why do we keep doing the same things?
  • Understanding some basic psychological games people play
  • How to turn the drama triangle into a positive force


  • What fundamental default behaviours drive you to succeed?
  • Understanding how your default behaviours can hold you back under stress
  • Understanding how to use your team’s different drivers to improve effectiveness of the team
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