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Developing the Role of the PSHE Co-ordinator

Understanding your responsibilities and how you can benefit the entire secondary school and FE college

Open Training Course Open Course
Inhouse Training Course In-house

Suitable for: New and aspiring PSHE co-ordinators in the secondary phase who want to lead and manage PSHE in their school effectively

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary
  • Further Education

Course Reference: 7001WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
Timings: 10am - 4pm Book Now

An effective PSHE programme is an essential part of the personal growth of your students and makes a significant contribution to their SMSC development. This course will offer co-ordinators the latest information to support PSHE development in secondary schools. It will present a clear framework for leading and managing PSHE and provide the opportunity to consider what outstanding PSHE provision looks like. You will also formulate ideas for developing your assessment, recording and reporting procedures.

  • Explore the role of the PSHE co-ordinator as leader and manager
  • Consider practical ideas for designing and implementing your PSHE programme of study
  • Develop your skills in supporting effective teaching of PSHE
  • Identify the features of outstanding PSHE lessons - the inspection framework
  • Plan for creating a whole school approach to assessment, recording and reporting in PSHE


The role of the PSHE co-ordinator
  • What is the co-ordinator’s role?
  • Leading and managing PSHE – characteristics of good leadership
  • Designing your programme of study – a curriculum for your pupils
Effective delivery of PSHE
  • Guiding principles for delivering PSHE and supporting staff
  • Dealing with difficult or sensitive issues
  • Teaching and Learning activities – sharing good practice
PSHE and the Ofsted framework
  • The Ofsted framework – implications for PSHE
  • Outstanding PSHE
  • What Ofsted look for in outstanding PSHE lessons
Assessment, recording and reporting
  • The purpose of assessment in PSHE
  • Developing and Managing your system of Assessment and Reporting
  • Tracking and recording Progress and Achievement

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