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Entry Level English - The Essential Guide

Creative ideas to develop an effective curriculum

Inhouse Training Course In-house

This course is only available to be delivered in your school. To find out how we can tailor this course to fit your needs, call our in-house team on 020 8253 8241 to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

If you are looking to attend a course externally, you may be interested in Raising the Performance of the Low Ability English Learner.

Suitable for: This course is suitable for all English teachers who want to develop new teaching ideas and allow all pupils to reach their potential.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7122WW

Entry level English is an essential course to motivate and provide for students who would struggle at GCSE level; or to be used as a stepping stone towards a GCSE. The practical ideas suggested will be suitable for all exam boards and delegates will gain new and creative ideas on choosing options and developing an innovative curriculum to motivate pupils in developing literacy skills further.

  • Understand what is required of entry level English
  • Plan an effective and integrated entry level curriculum
  • Motivate and engage pupils through a range of entry level tasks
  • Explore effective ways of preparing for key tasks in reading and writing
  • Develop effective assessment, support and feedback strategies to help all students progress


Understand what is required at Entry Level
  • Using entry level or other courses as a stepping stone to GCSE
  • Using entry level to boost skills, knowledge and increase confidence
  • Entry level and its links with functional skills, EAL, additional English, unit awards etc.
Learning techniques at Entry Level
  • Activities to link entry level with new national curriculum objectives
  • Understanding key literary skills i.e. inference
  • Use of storytelling for motivation and engagement
Creative ideas for teaching key tasks in reading and writing
  • Using speaking and listening to develop reading skills
  • Using visual stimuli to support writing tasks
  • Effective ways to teach literature (poetry) and non-fiction texts
Assessment and support
  • Understanding the standards- preparing students for external tasks
  • Teacher assessment and effective ways to support your students
  • Motivational strategies, encouraging boys achievement and developing an action plan
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