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Graphic Design: Advertising and Packaging

How to use advertising and packaging as a creative starting point for successful AS/A2 Design Coursework

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Suitable for: This course is aimed at any Art or D&T teachers looking to explore different approaches to delivering graphics at AS/A2. You will explore ways in which advertising and packaging can be used as an exciting stimulus to coursework and how to evaluate the success of the results

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7160WW

Advertising and packaging can be an excellent stimulus for artwork at AS/A2. This course explores ways in which advertising and packaging can be used and how to evaluate the success of the results.

  • Understand the styles, genres and history of advertising and packaging design
  • Develop pupils’ creativity and understanding of the design process
  • Explore linking commercial practices to student design work in the classroom
  • Access and utilise effectively in class a wide range of resources as a stimulus for creative A Level coursework


The Commercial Process Of Advertising And Packaging Design
  • Advertising - what is the purpose of a campaign and what is the process used by a commercial advertising designer?
  • Packaging - what is the purpose of packaging and what is the process used to produce effective packaging products?
  • How these two processes link together
Transferring The Commercial Creative Process To The Classroom
  • What are the steps in effective creative idea generation?
  • What makes a successful creative commercial designer?
  • How can we use these creative processes in the classroom to diversify students’ idea generation for their design coursework?
Using Commercial Design Work As A Stimulus In The Classroom
  • Packaging analysis as a basis for brief development and new ideas
  • Existing designer case studies as a basis for broadening students’ idea generation techniques
  • Advertising campaign analysis as a stimulus for design development through branding and marketing
Accessing Resources To Inspire Designing In The Classroom
  • Tried and tested ideas for trips and visits and how to fully integrate these into students’ work in the classroom
  • Print resources for use in the classroom
  • Online resources for use in the classroom
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