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Special Needs and PE: Practical Inclusion Strategies

Removing barriers to the Physical Education curriculum

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Suitable for: Specialist and non-specialist PE teachers and support staff who want to fully engage students with special needs in the PE curriculum.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7249WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
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The government makes it clear that ALL children are entitled to participate in PE lessons at school in the UK. Education should be inclusive and where appropriate SEND pupils must be included in the same lessons as their peers even if some form of adaption is required for them to gain access to the activities. This is the challenge, as for PE to be really inclusive the variety of activities needs to reflect the abilities of all pupils. Activities must be wide-ranging enough to cater for everyone while still presenting a challenge.

  • Understand barriers of learning to the PE curriculum for children with SEND
  • Create learning opportunities through the effective differentiation
  • Mae PE meaningful using relevant activities and resources
  • Promote learning objectives that can be addressed through the PE curriculum
  • Be confident in planning and delivering good quality, inclusive PE


Special educational needs and disabilities and Physical Education
  • The Code of Practice; improving access to the whole curriculum and what inclusion looks like for PE on the school time table and support rota
  • Making the PE national curriculum work for you and your students; difficulties and pertinent concerns
  • Using the PE policy to reflect the Code of Practice and links to the whole school SEND policy
Practical issues in physical activity
  • Teaching PE as a subject leader or coordinator
  • How learning difficulties can impact on learning in a PE setting
  • Health and safety issues, risk assessments and behaviour
Maintaining an inclusive learning environment
  • Benefits of PE for children with SEND
  • Setting up your planning, teaching, and recording progress
  • Self-audit for inclusive physical education lessons
The process of modifying and adapting the PE curriculum
  • Getting the best out of support staff and creating resources
  • Strategies for modifying areas of activity
  • Suggestions for adapted activities

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