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Outstanding Learning and Progress in Art

Going one step further to deliver lessons that your students and Ofsted will love in art

Open Training Course Open Course
Inhouse Training Course In-house

Suitable for: Art teachers and heads of department who want ideas for making their lessons engaging and impactful.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7627WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
Timings: 10am - 4pm Book Now

Teaching outstanding lessons is an aspiration that all teachers share. This course will show you how to deliver outstanding lessons, making them highly successful and engaging for your students. Along the way you will really get under the skin of what Ofsted deem outstanding in art and hone your teaching skills in order to teach great lessons consistently.

  • Understand what it means for learning to be outstanding in art according to Ofsted and how close you are to achieving it
  • Develop pupil-centred strategies to ensure you build positive relationships with your learners so outstanding learning can take place
  • Explore ideas, resources, techniques, and models of excellent practice to support outstanding learning and progress in art
  • Robustly monitor your students’ achievement and set meaningful targets to maximise progress in art


How do we know what works?
  • Addressing common misconceptions and placing the student at the heart of outstanding learning and progress
  • The four key factors of outstanding learning – expertise, engagement, climate and independence
  • What Ofsted say about outstanding learning and progress, and identifying your strengths and areas for development in this context
Outstanding teaching
  • What does outstanding teaching look like? Isn’t it just outstanding learning and progress?
  • Planning outstanding lessons in art – ideas and techniques
  • Creating an outstanding climate for learning and developing great relationships with your learners
Outstanding learning and progress
  • Developing independent learning strategies – use of praise, assessment for learning, marking and feedback, and ownership of learning
  • Motivating and engaging learners – reviewing learning, effective group work, risk taking, failure and challenge
  • Resources and techniques – Using resources effectively, engaging with ICT, as well as top teaching techniques for better learning and explanation in art
Maintaining pace, rigour and progress
  • Using self and peer assessment to maximise learning opportunities
  • Target setting, tracking and celebrating achievement
  • Evaluating your own successes and deciding your next steps

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