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Behaviour Management for Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors

Creating the positive learning climate necessary for effective and successful learning

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Suitable for: Secondary school cover supervisors, Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Teaching Assistants. This course will equip support staff with effective practical strategies to successfully and skilfully manage classroom behaviour to create a positive learning climate.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7629WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
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Developing a purposeful learning atmosphere is essential in order for effective pupil progress to occur. This can provide all sorts of challenges and issues for non-teaching staff who may be responsible for leading learning in the absence of the regular classroom teacher, or supporting the classroom teacher with students demonstrating challenging behaviours or special educational needs.

  • Become a confident classroom leader
  • Develop behaviour management skills to create positive learning climates
  • Be able to use the language of ‘choice’ and ‘consequence’ to manage pupil behaviours
  • To identify and deal effectively with low level disruption
  • Develop some specific strategies to manage the ‘noisy’ class
  • Develop strategies to deal with challenging behaviours, including SEN, and avoid confrontations


Effective Classroom leadership
  • What is your role in the classroom?
  • Strategies to develop confident leadership
  • How to create a positive classroom climate
Getting the basics right
  • How to get a settled focused class
  • Communicating your expectations with students
  • Helping pupils ‘choose’ the right behaviour
The ‘noisy’ class
  • What is acceptable behaviour and what’s not?
  • Getting the ‘noisy class’ into the room
  • Keeping the ‘noisy class’ on task
Challenging Behaviours
  • Practical steps to help manage pupils with SEN
  • Managing confrontation
  • How to deal with common behaviour issues

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