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Inspiring Learning in KS3 Geography

Practical suggestions for broadening the range of activities to appeal to students and maximise interest

Inhouse Training Course In-house

This course is only available to be delivered in your school. To find out how we can tailor this course to fit your needs, call our in-house team on 020 8253 8241 to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Alternatively to search through our open courses visit our find a course page.

Suitable for: Suitable for new and experienced teachers, as well as HTLAs, who wish to inject more excitement into their KS3 Geography lessons and make them more relevant to students’ personal experience

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7912WW

This course offers practical suggestions for broadening teaching and learning activities at KS3 in order to fully engage learners and get them interested in geography from Year 7. Both new and experienced teachers and HLTAs will find this course useful and will return to school with ideas that can be easily put into practice right away. (If possible delegates should bring along an existing lesson plan they’d like to make more engaging).

  • Discover how you could make your KS3 curriculum more stimulating and exciting
  • Create lesson plan ideas which never fail to create interest and understand why they work
  • Develop simple strategies for easily adapting existing lesson plans to introduce more fun and varied approaches
  • Use cross-curricular and extra-curricular projects to add meaning to learning
  • Use cross-curricular and extra-curricular projects to add meaning to learning
  • Employ tried and tested strategies for turning around lessons that don't go quite to plan


What Is Expected Of Your Curriculum?
  • Detailed analysis of the KS3 programmes of study
  • Understanding the key concepts, skills and knowledge and their place in the curriculum
  • Putting the theory into practice: how well does your KS3 scheme of work fulfil the requirements whilst being interesting and engaging?
Planning For Success
  • Critical assessment of the elements of an outstanding lesson plan
  • Practical activities to explore ideas for a wide variety of lessons using different approaches to encourage participation
  • Raising and maintaining enthusiasm for the subject
Fun Ideas For Learning Outside The Classroom
  • Suggestions for using the school grounds and local environment to create exciting learning activities
  • Building skill progression into KS3 activities from Y7 to Y9
  • Making sure students are ready to move on to GCSE
A Supportive Learning Environment
  • Using cross-curricular programmes to improve skills and motivation
  • Classroom management: ideas to improve behaviour
  • Ten Tips for when things go wrong!
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