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Timetabling for the New Curriculum

Inhouse Training Course In-house

This course is only available to be delivered in your school. To find out how we can tailor this course to fit your needs, call our in-house team on 020 8253 8241 to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Alternatively to search through our open courses visit our find a course page.

Suitable for: Curriculum managers

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7953WW

The changing nature of schools, the development of academies and the relaxing of curriculum prescription have combined to create a context for timetabling which is unique in both challenge and opportunity. With the continuing expansion of diplomas and increased personalisation of learning, devising an effective timetable gets harder yet more rewarding, every year. This course will enable you to develop a sustainable, inclusive timetable which will deliver the Key Stage 3/4 Learner Entitlement while also meeting the Ofsted requirement for whole-school coherence across knowledge and skills. You will work through exercises throughout the day and emerge with ideas for a timetable you can implement upon your return to school.

  • The National Curriculum and the Key Stage 3/4 Learner entitlement
  • Establishing the requirements – discover what kind of timetable your school needs
  • Thinking big – some innovative and strategic timetabling solutions
  • How to devise a timetable that maximizes learning opportunities for students
  • The barriers to effective change – overcoming common problems, and answers to FAQs
  • Action plan: an opportunity to devise an effective implementation plan for your school
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