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Maximising Progress by Differentiating in Languages

Raise standards of achievement in Languages by using effective differentiation

Open Training Course Open Course
Inhouse Training Course In-house

Suitable for: Teachers and language subject leaders looking for new ideas for creating a differentiated learning environment that will support all students.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 8082WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
Timings: 10am - 4pm Book Now

Using differentiation effectively, is key to enabling every student reaches their potential in the languages classroom. This course explores practical approaches to creating differentiated schemes of work and lesson plans, enabling you to engage, motivate and stretch every member of the class. The course also enables you to gain skills to develop resources and strategies to foster a supportive learning environment.

  • Use differentiation as a tool to maximise enjoyment and achievement
  • Effectively assess the needs of students of different abilities and bridge the gap between those abilities
  • Provide an engaging and supportive learning environment through a range of different strategies
  • Develop resources and strategies for planning differentiated schemes of work in languages


Knowing what works and why
  • What is differentiation and what does it look like in languages
  • Identifying good practice in your own teaching
  • Exploring models of good practice in differentiating students’ learning opportunities
Linking differentiation, learning and progress
  • The place of differentiation in assessment for learning
  • Effective strategies to assess our students’ different learning needs
  • Using effective differentiation to better support learning and progress
Developing a differentiated curriculum
  • Planning and delivering outstanding differentiated schemes of work that make the best use of available resources
  • Using differentiated learning materials to motivate and engage students for the duration of every lesson
  • Incorporating a range of differentiated teaching styles to maintain student engagement and maximise their learning
Differentiation beyond the lesson plan
  • Creating an engaging and supportive learning environment
  • The role of monitoring, target setting, and intervention in a differentiated learning environment
  • Celebrating achievement and progress

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