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Promoting the Emotional Well-being and Academic Achievement of Looked After Children

Dismantling the barriers that prevent Looked After Children achieving their potential

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Suitable for: Leaders, teachers and support staff in primary, secondary or special schools looking for practical ideas for supporting looked after children in order to maximise their progress.

Phases suitable for:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Special

Course Reference: 8220WW

Looked after children can face a formidable range of barriers to learning, yet despite this a select group of schools have made great strides in enabling Looked After Children to achieve. This course will look at the best practice pioneered by these schools as well as providing plenty of practical strategies to address the issue in yours and how their pupil premium funding can be best spent.

  • Develop a framework of high expectations for Looked After Children
  • Recognise the typical barriers to achievement and how to mitigate against these
  • Establish effective monitoring of social and academic performance and appropriate forms of support and early intervention
  • Identify suitable curriculum options that provide stretch and challenge
  • Support the successful engagement of carers as partners in learning


Ensuring positive attainment in the classroom
  • Effective support and challenge for Looked After children – best use of Pupil Premium Plus
  • Identify the barriers for their learning – an opportunity to get to know your Looked After Children
  • Developing a whole school ethos, using examples of identified good practice, to raise expected outcomes
Getting to know the child
  • Build your Looked After child- template of child, with various statements written on body, legs and arms
  • Top Ten barriers to learning for Looked After Children
  • Find ways to remove the barriers – identification, prioritisation, formulation, liaison and implementation
How flexible is your curriculum?
  • The 9 point curriculum – focus on the emotional and social trauma affecting attainment
  • How to ensure the needs of your LAC are considered in the context of your school’s curriculum
  • Develop appropriate provision for your LAC who are More Able, and children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Develop a framework of high expectations
  • Develop an environment where teachers reflect on their teaching and take responsibility for learning, by effective monitoring and early intervention
  • Engage parents and carers – developing Personal Education Plans to ensure that they are relevant, informative and set achievable and accountable targets
  • Pupil Premium Plus and the role of the Virtual School Head – which interventions are successful to ensure ‘closing the gap’?
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