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Maximising Progress in A Level Biology

Supporting students to meet and exceed target grades

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Suitable for: This course is aimed at new and experienced teachers of A level biology as well as heads of biology.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary
  • Further Education

Course Reference: 8300WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
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This course explores strategies to support all A level biology students in making excellent progress in their studies. The new specifications present an ideal opportunity to apply proven and well-exemplified methods to ensure examination success. The teaching and learning approaches are practical and easy to implement and will ensure that you are prepared for the changes.

  • Introduce teaching and learning approaches that make progress and differentiation explicit
  • Promote independent learning in A level biology students
  • Examine resources to develop data analysis skills which can be immediately used in the classroom
  • Embed revision into the scheme of work to improve success in linear examinations
  • Use examination style questions in a variety of ways to ensure your students progress
  • Explore ideas to motivate students' to make progress


Students taking responsibility for their learning and progress
  • How to help students research effectively
  • Practical ideas for independent learning in A level topics to boost progress
  • An introduction to Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes taxonomy as a strategy to demonstrate progress and differentiation
Supporting students with data analysis skills
  • Explicit teaching and learning strategies to improve data skills in A level biology
  • Active approaches to teaching tables and graphs
  • 10 resources to take away and use in the classroom tomorrow
Preparing for examination success
  • Hints and tips for active revision to use from the beginning of the biology course
  • Improving literacy skills to access longer answer examination questions
  • Using a variety of approaches to embed examination question practice
Motivating students to learn and progress
  • Explore factors that motivate students to be successful in A level biology
  • Experience a variety of active learning resources to engage and inspire students
  • Using ICT/mobile technologies to enhance A level biology

Fri 26th Jun 2020


Thu 24th Sep 2020

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