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Harnessing Growth Mindsets to Raise Achievement

Raising achievement by changing the attitudes of young learners

Inhouse Training Course In-house

This course is only available to be delivered in your school. To find out how we can tailor this course to fit your needs, call our in-house team on 020 8253 8241 to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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Suitable for: Classroom teachers can use specific Growth Mindset strategies to engage and inspire pupils to ‘be their best version.’ Senior Leadership Team members will be able to understand the rationale and apply the concepts and strategies to whole school Growth Mindset provision.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 8328WW

This course will illustrate why having a whole school provision of Growth Mindset can raise the aspirations of pupils and parents, and allow teachers to maximise the potential of every pupil.

  • Understand Mindset
  • Why it is important in education & life?
  • Identify the differences between Growth and Fixed Mindset
  • Develop awareness of barriers to developing a Growth Mindset
  • Identify and grow the pupils and teachers Growth Mindset traits
  • Practically implement a classroom and whole school Growth Mindset
  • How to measure Growth Mindset and track progress


Understanding Mindset — why it is important in education and life?
  • What is Growth Mindset?
  • How can help in education?
  • How it can help in life
Identifying Growth Mindset traits and barriers
  • Identifying the differences between Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset
  • How to identify key GM traits – teacher 5GM
  • Awareness of barriers to Growth Mindset
Practical ways to implement a classroom Growth Mindset
  • Introduction to a range of strategies to use in the classroom
  • Key Pupil 5GM areas to facilitate part 1 intrinsic/ extrinsic rewards, feedback & praise
  • Key Pupil 5GM areas to facilitate part 2 & how to measure Growth Mindset
Implementation of a whole school Growth Mindset policy
  • How to engage key stakeholders of pupils, staff and parents
  • Practical steps to implement a whole school policy
  • Other considerations
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