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Maximising Achievement by Developing Teaching, Learning, Memory & Recall Skills

A one day masterclass with Kevin Piper

Open Training Course Open Course
Inhouse Training Course In-house

Suitable for: This course is suitable for teachers or support staff from primary or secondary schools. Middle or senior leaders will also find the course invaluable.

Phases suitable for:

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Course Reference: 8394WW
Price: £349.00 + VAT or hold in-house
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Inspired by the science that underpins good pedagogy and effective learning, you’ll explore a wide range of easy-to-apply skills and strategies that will help your pupils to succeed on their own terms. You’ll consider how best to apply a wide range of evidence-based strategies to your specific context and you’ll leave the day ready to build the confidence, engagement and attainment of your learners.

  • Fine-tune your teaching-skills base inspired by the science behind learning 
  • Examine evidence-based approaches to teaching and consider what will work for your learners
  • Build academic resilience and support students who experience academic anxiety
  • Prevent under-performance on exam day and empower your pupils to shine!


Learning, memory and the things that get in the way
  • Explore and critique the science and evidence behind understanding, learning and memory
  • Identify how this can be applied to create good teaching and learning practice
  • Best practice for learning within and beyond the classroom
  • The challenges of teaching a knowledge rich curriculum and common pitfalls to avoid.
Teaching for learning – simple strategies with clear impact 
  • Recommendations from the EEF’s international evidence on teaching and learning
  • Approaches to planning and delivering teaching that encourages memory and recall
  • Integrate evidence-based strategies into your teaching practice
  • Explore how each strategy can be tailored for use with different ages, stages and subjects
Developing academic resilience 
  • Developing learners who are capable and willing to take risk and challenge in their learning
  • Creating learners who are able to learn from mistakes unhampered by academic anxiety or perfectionism
  • How to develop learning skills across a class, year group or school
  • How best to support those students for whom academic anxiety is a specific issue
Learning to recall – revision and exam skills
  • Maximising achievement in the context of tests and examinations
  • How learners’ skills in revision and recall can be developed
  • The practical steps that can be taken by students and staff to minimise under performance
  • Recall under pressure: practical strategies for use in different phases and subjects

Fri 11th Sep 2020

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Mon 15th Jun 2020

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Mon 21st Sep 2020

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Mon 5th Oct 2020

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