11 Practical Methods to Cultivate Character in your School

Promoting the virtues and values critical to individual excellence and flourishing school communities

The Department for Education’s Developing Character Skills in Schools report forms part of a growing awareness of the role character education plays in the personal development, behaviour, welfare and academic success of learners. Despite this, recent research suggests that only 1 in 6 schools have a formal character education plan in place. This course will challenge participants to identify, implement and improve character education in their own institutions through the application of practical approaches.

Course Outcomes

  • Identify the impact of character education on students
  • Engage critically with recent research and case studies
  • Encourage learners to understand, value and demonstrate the positive behaviour traits that make them well-rounded, grounded citizens
  • Support social and emotional development so that learners understand themselves better and work on their weaknesses
  • Instil learners with a moral compass and the skills required to understand and interact with other people
  • Embed a character education culture that supports your School Development Plan

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