A Whole School Approach to Anti-Bullying in Primary Schools

Develop positive and effective strategies to tackle different forms of bullying in primary schools

This course will explore how to implement and monitor anti-bullying frameworks, specifically tailored to the primary school setting. Fostering both a positive school climate and combating a range of bullying contexts, including cyber-bullying, this course will explore highly effective methods to tackle all forms of bullying.

Course Outcomes

  • Explore the different forms of bullying, and devise a definition for your school
  • Ensure your anti-bullying policy is relevant, outlining legal expectations, responsibilities and how to address incidents
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder to combat bullying
  • Develop effective strategies for pupils to become more assertive and how they can tackle bullying
  • Recognise how cyber-bullying is different from other forms, and how to respond to its misuse
  • Implement a five point prevention plan to minimise bullying and cyber bullying

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