Advanced Behaviour Management for Key and Experienced Staff

Take your behaviour management skills to the next level

The recent Bennett review, carried out for the Department for Education, points to the crucial role played by schools in creating a culture for optimal behaviour. You will be introduced to tried, tested and research-based methods in order to help you become an advanced behaviour practitioner. This course is equally suited to experienced members of staff and those in key roles supporting other staff members.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand what constitutes outstanding behaviour in order to ensure a shared understanding of rules and routines which are embedded and implemented consistently
  • Actively encourage learners to behave well and display high levels of courtesy and co-operation
  • Sustain high expectations of behaviour which are integral to learning as a result of the culture created in the classroom
  • Establish and maintain a highly effective framework for discipline
  • Manage a high level of learner motivation, involvement and engagement using a wide range of approaches appropriate to learners’ needs, including different categories of SEND
  • Build and use strong relationships with learners to ensure a productive and inspiring learning environment

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