Breaking The Cycle of School Refusal and Emotionally Based School Avoidance

Meeting the needs of students struggling to attend school

During this course you’ll explore strategies for understanding the needs of individual students and how to meet those needs on a case by case basis. You’ll think too about some more general principles that can help reduce risk of school refusal and enable early recognition and intervention for students who are struggling.

Course Outcomes

  • Why some children struggle to come to school – understanding their point of view
  • The role of the school, the child and the family, working together with the child at the heart
  • Understand the mistakes that most people make out of kindness and how to avoid them
  • Develop child-centred action plans tailored to individual need
  • Implement simple, practical ideas for supporting struggling students
  • Create a warm and caring culture and ethos that reduces risk of school-based anxiety

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