Dealing with the Effects of Abuse and Neglect on Children and Young People

Understanding how schools can help to provide support for pupils and their families affected by abuse

Child abuse is headline news and it is critical that schools understand how they can help to protect and support pupils involved. This course looks at the nature of abuse and addresses a wide range of issues, referencing the latest national advice and guidance. It uses the findings of current research and reports, including case studies, to suggest approaches schools can use to provide effective support, including the importance of establishing partnerships with external agencies.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the nature of abuse and recognise the signs of different types of abuse
  • Review, evaluate and update current policies and practices with reference to current legislation and guidance
  • Develop or review a framework for assessing and addressing the needs of children who have been abused
  • Explore specific programmes and resources, including government supported projects, and information on a range of external support agencies

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