Delivering Statutory Relationships Education in the Primary School

Developing a rich curriculum that meets the needs of your learners

September 2020 sees the introduction of statutory Relationships Education in primary schools. This course, designed for middle and senior leaders in primary schools, will provide you with the tools to lead the change. It will enable you to engage effectively with parents ensuring they understand the new requirements and develop a rich curriculum that meets the distinct needs of your learners.

Course Outcomes

  • Leading the change: Crafting an effective Relationships Education policy and creating ownership of Relationships Education at a leadership level
  • Developing your Relationships Education curriculum: planning an integrated programme of study, delivering material in an age-appropriate way, and exploring a wide range of resources available to support you
  • Preparing staff for Relationships Education: How to build teachers’ confidence and provide support for their development to ensure the new curriculum is delivered effectively
  • Consulting with stakeholders: Approaches to engage with parents effectively so they understand the changes, debunk the myths and fully support the school’s approach

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