Design and Technology Technician Development

Now, more than ever, the Technician is being relied on to make a difference — providing students with an extra level of expertise and support

Design and Technology technicians have always played an important role in enhancing and improving the quality of learning in this subject. Schools now recognise D&T Technicians as pivotal in a successful D&T department even though the role may vary from school to school. Technicians are unable to fully support the curriculum if they do not know what teachers are trying to achieve or how they can play a role in supporting students’ learning. This course will assist all technicians to reach their full potential.

Course Outcomes

  • Support teachers in delivering the D&T curriculum
  • Help students to make the most of their learning experiences
  • Define your role, responsibilities and job description
  • Develop your role and embrace performance management
  • Manage the workload, administration and timetabling
  • Ensure a safe working environment

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