Developing the Role of the EAL Co-ordinator

Improve your knowledge and boost your confidence and be an expert EAL Coordinator

The role of the EAL Coordinator is both rewarding and challenging. This course addresses the issues most commonly faced by EAL co-ordinators and explores practical strategies for developing the role. It will introduce key guidance and examples of good practice to help you build upon your existing skills. It will also explore how these can be successfully used to build capacity and understanding across the whole school.

Course Outcomes

  • Consider the current challenges facing the EAL profession and guidance to help us meet those challenges
  • Develop strategies to improve whole school responsibility for EAL
  • Discuss how schools can demonstrate progress and achievement of bilingual learners
  • Use research on second language acquisition to inform planning of teaching and learning
  • Look at examples of successful admission and induction of students with EAL
  • Share useful websites to develop a resource rich department on a limited budget

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