Effective Personal Management – Getting the Most Out of Your Day

The essential personal skills-building course for reducing stress and getting things done

With the demands on schools ever increasing it sometimes feels like you need 25 hours in the day just to keep up. In a supportive, small-group atmosphere, this course is packed with ideas and proven practical tips to help you reduce stress and enhance your personal skill set; enabling you to squeeze every last drop out of the working day. Your performance will improve, leaving more time to enjoy life outside school!

Course Outcomes

  • Identify and deal with the causes and effects of stress
  • Explore proven techniques for getting more out of your time
  • Discover the power of effective prioritisation and forward planning
  • Embrace the art of delegation and building a supportive team ethic
  • Understand and manage the energy-sapping effects of constant change
  • Enhance communication and reduce conflict with all levels of the staffing structure

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