Exam Stress and Anxiety: Prevention, Management and Support for all Students

Enable your students not just to survive, but to thrive during exam season

Boost emotional wellbeing and enable students to maximise their academic achievement by taking a universal approach to managing the stress and anxiety that can cripple so many students as they begin to prepare for exams. Enabling you to develop the resilience of all students, to pick up early and help those who need additional support and to equip all students with skills to seek help and manage stress.

Course Outcomes

  • Prevention: providing all students with the skills they need to promote positive mental health
  • Implementing a skills-based approach that dovetails proven study skills and stress management skills
  • Early Intervention: enabling staff, parents students and friends to pick up and respond to early warning signs
  • Providing tailored support to individuals or groups who need extra help
  • Specific ideas and strategies to enable students to cope, calm and flourish on the day of exams

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