Genius Hour: Developing Curriculum, Character & Creativity

Explore an approach that emphasises student curiosity, self-directed learning and passion-based work

Ofsted has expressed concern that too many schools are teaching to the test and have not thought deeply enough about their curriculum. To support a greater level of independent enquiry amongst students, schools could look at the working practices of industry-leading organisations such as Google, who allow their employees up to 20% of their time on projects that they find personally satisfying.

Course Outcomes

  • Explore the principles and theory behind Genius Hour
  • Make time for Genius Hour in your school or classroom
  • Introduce Genius Hour to learners and parents
  • Set Genius Hour expectations
  • Manage the Genius Hour process and engage all learners whatever their starting points or needs
  • Take away practical approaches and ideas to support Genius Hour in your school

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