Girls on the Autistic Spectrum: Spotting and Supporting

How to recognise autism in girls and practical ideas for supporting them

Autism can present very differently in girls than boys and many girls on the autistic spectrum go undiagnosed and unsupported with the condition. During this course, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of autism, and in particular high functioning autism in girls. You’ll consider the easy to miss signs that your female pupils may be autistic; whether and how to gain a diagnosis and consider a range of ideas for supporting your students within and beyond the classroom.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand why autistic girls often fly under the radar
  • Explore how to spot potential autism in girls and consider easy to miss signs
  • Discuss if, when and how to chase a diagnosis
  • Celebrate the positives autism brings and explore self and peer acceptance and care
  • Develop a range of strategies for improving the school experience for autistic girls
  • Consider some simple steps girls can take to support themselves
  • Explore the ‘team around the child’ and the part each person plays

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