Leading a Successful Maths Department

Provide positive and sustained leadership as the Head of Department or Curriculum leader of Maths

This course is intended to stimulate your thoughts about various aspects of the role of Head of Maths or Curriculum Leader. Carrying out a such critical role in the management of learning requires successful team coaching, training and development. The course material aims to give you practical advice that will enable you to effectively improve the quality of teaching and learning, within the Maths department.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand what it means for leadership and management in maths to be successful according to Ofsted
  • Learn how to truly lead the learning in maths creating an environment and curriculum that supports outstanding learning and progress
  • Develop pupil-centred strategies to ensure you can engage your learners to maximise student achievement
  • Motivate and manage your colleagues effectively, developing them into a strong teaching team

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