Maximising Achievement by Developing Teaching, Learning, Memory & Recall Skills

A one day masterclass with Kevin Piper

Inspired by the science that underpins good pedagogy and effective learning, you’ll explore a wide range of easy-to-apply skills and strategies that will help your pupils to succeed on their own terms. You’ll consider how best to apply a wide range of evidence-based strategies to your specific context and you’ll leave the day ready to build the confidence, engagement and attainment of your learners.

Course Outcomes

  • Fine-tune your teaching-skills base inspired by the science behind learning?
  • Examine evidence-based approaches to teaching and consider what will work for your learners
  • Build academic resilience and support students who experience academic anxiety
  • Prevent under-performance on exam day and empower your pupils to shine!

This is one of the courses from our archive.

You can still have it delivered in your school or college, adapted to your needs and the current context, by one of our expert associates.

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