Outstanding Curriculum Development

A focus on the ‘real substance’ of education

Ofsted has challenged leaders to ask themselves the question ‘What is the body of knowledge that we want to give to young people?’ and that curriculum plays an essential role in the ‘quality of education’ in the 2019 Framework. This course will encourage participants to think about this key question and implement a strategy to develop a contextualised, rich, challenging and engaging curriculum.

Course Outcomes

  • Move from an intervention culture to an outstanding curriculum design culture
  • Explore and share the principles of outstanding curriculum design
  • Create a curriculum that gives all learners the skills they need to succeed in life
  • Implement a broad, rich and deep curriculum in which learners are taught how to question whether what they are being taught is the best that has been thought and said
  • Put the curriculum at the core of school and teacher professional development
  • Devise ways to measure the impact curriculum has on the knowledge and understanding of your learners

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