Preventing and Managing Substance and Alcohol Abuse

Practical strategies to increase awareness and understanding of substance and alcohol issues affecting young people

Whether you have existing issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse in your school or you are keen to put strategies in place to prevent such situations arising, you will find this course invaluable. You will gain a thorough understanding of different forms of substance and alcohol misuse and explore prevention strategies that you could implement in your school. You’ll also explore ideas for managing specific incidents at school as well as learning how you can best support young people struggling with either their own or their family’s dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand what substance and alcohol abuse is and who might be affected
  • Learn about different substances and their effects
  • Discuss how to identify vulnerable children and families
  • Learn how to deal with incidents and suspicions of substance/alcohol misuse
  • Explore ideas for tackling ‘binge drinking’ culture and recreational drug taking
  • Develop a whole school policy on substance/alcohol abuse
  • Explore how to incorporate drug and alcohol education into the curriculum

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