Primary Lesson Observations Using the 2019 Ofsted Inspection Framework

Achieving school improvement with support and successful performance management

Whilst Ofsted do not grade individual lessons by words or by numbers the quality of learning across the school is a key factor in triangulation of evidence. On this course you will learn how to use Ofsted criteria, judge the quality of teaching and learning, observe lessons and give constructive feedback to colleagues.

Course Outcomes

  • Establish and understand clear rationales for observing lessons – making judgements over time in terms of what students have learnt and how lesson observations can help to improve quality of education
  • Understand the criteria for judging the quality of teaching and learning – avoiding the idea of ‘set criteria’ for outstanding and aiming for consistency on a daily basis
  • Understand how triangulation of evidence from observations, discussions and work scrutiny can be used to make a final judgement and why it is necessary to use a range of monitoring processes
  • Learn to give constructive feedback to colleagues, to identify development and encourage a partnership approach to lesson observations

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