Putting Assessment at the Heart of Learning

How to ensure marking and feedback are meaningful, manageable and motivating

Leaders and teachers looking to improve the effectiveness of their marking and feedback practices will befit from this practical course. You’ll explore whole-school approaches, ensuring data collection points are appropriate and timely, and enable leaders to extrapolate pupil progress.
This course will also explore proven methods of formative assessment in the classroom to ensure that all marking is purposeful and provides information which aids teachers’ planning and teaching and provides cues to pupils to expedite the pace of their progress.

Course Outcomes

  • Place assessment within the context of curriculum design and delivery and develop meaningful assessment processes
  • Pick apart what progress looks like and how to support this with relevant learning outcomes
  • Test the purpose, process and validity of assessments to ensure they are meaningful, manageable and motivating?
  • Examine effective in-class assessment strategies such as multiple-choice quizzes, hinges questions and exit tickets
  • Implement effective AfL strategies such as self- and peer- assessment and feedback, questioning and classroom discussion?
  • Create a classroom culture conducive to acting on feedback, taking risks and learning from mistakes?

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