Putting assessment at the heart of learning

This major national conference will give you the means to make Assessment for Learning a successful reality in the classroom, both for teachers and middle leaders wishing to build on good practice and senior leaders looking to spearhead development across the school. In doing so you will tap into the dramatic improvements in learning and attainment that effective formative assessment can deliver.
And who better to learn from than Professor Paul Black, a Director of the King’s Assessment for Learning Group and co-author of the highly influential pamphlets Inside the Black Box and Working Inside the Black Box? The conference offers a rare opportunity to get advice and ideas from this leading authority, so that you can start really putting assessment at the heart of learning.

Course Outcomes

  • Make learning outcomes clear and accessible
  • Share assessment data effectively with students
  • Use questioning and dialogue to engage students’ thinking
  • Provide students with immediate learning feedback
  • Use feedback comments rather than marks or grades with sensitivity and consistency
  • Engage all students in the learning process through self- and peer-assessment

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