Raising Achievement for Year 8 Students

Practical strategies to keep up the pace of achievement in year 8

The achievement of year 8 students can often plateau as their motivation dwindles and life becomes more driven by hormones and peer pressure than a desire to thrive and achieve in school. This course looks at strategies that can be adopted by the head of year 8 and form tutors in order to maintain motivation and raise the achievement of students during this difficult year.

Course Outcomes

  • Bridging the attainment gap to motivate all year 8 pupils
  • Helping students to deal with issues of self-esteem, peer pressure and difficulties at home
  • Motivating year 8 students to achieve academically and to contribute to the wider school community
  • Strategies for raising attainment and avoiding the ‘year 8 achievement plateau’
  • Encouraging peer support and mentoring to enable progress
  • Broadening the role of parents and carers in supporting year 8 students

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