SEN in the Maths Classroom

How to support SEN children in the maths classroom and enable everyone to achieve

This course will offer maths teachers an introduction to SEN and practical aspects of this, together with an overview of the learning needs of SEN students, and others in the lower ability and special needs maths groups. There will be opportunities to consider practical strategies for teaching and learning, including: examples of SEN, differentiation, assessment and monitoring, and use of specialist maths and SEN teaching assistants.

Course Outcomes

  • SEN overview, including: identification, documentation, and the range of student needs
  • Department and class organisation, such as: SEN and lower ability groups, and working with support
  • Teaching and learning, with a focus on: SEN information and practical strategies
  • Aspects of the maths curriculum, including: differentiation, accreditation, and monitoring and assessment

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