Stretching More Able Students in Maths

Improve the achievement and progress in maths of more able students in high ability and mixed ability groups

This course will help you to identify and plan for more able students within your setting. It will develop your own skills and ability to support the most able students in attaining outstanding learning and progression in both mixed ability and high ability groups. There will be an opportunity to try out small challenging mathematical tasks that you may wish to take back to use with your students.

Course Outcomes

  • Plan effective, differentiated maths lesson that challenge your most able students
  • Devise extension activities that combine both breadth and depth
  • Develop personal learning and thinking skills
  • Support able students through classroom talk and questioning
  • Set high expectations and monitor progress through effective assessment
  • Tackle the underachievement of more able students
  • Enrich learning outside the classroom with some engaging and practical ideas

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