Supporting Practitioner Enquiry: Creating an Evidence-Informed Approach

Providing teachers with the tools to experiment, evaluate and transform their teaching

There is no simple formula to great teaching, no one recipe every teacher can follow. Teachers must take the insights from research and their own practice to develop their own unique approach, constantly testing and improving it. This one-day course shows you how to effectively support staff in your school to take ideas, try them out and establish their effectiveness. In the process, you will enable your teachers to develop from good to great.

Course Outcomes

  • Setting the foundations: Encouraging a no-blame professional culture that values and rewards risk-taking
  • Demystifying evidence: Establish what we mean by ‘evidence’, where teachers can find it and how to support them in using it appropriately to explore new avenues of enquiry
  • Establishing structures: Explore different approaches to creating effective communities of practice
  • Making it happen: enabling teachers to develop and explore their ideas
  • Proving impact: Support teachers to develop clear and manageable methods to evaluate the success of their approach

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