The Mindful School – a course for Leaders

Reduce teacher stress and burnout and help your learners improve attention, focus and outcomes

According to recent reports, nearly a quarter of UK teachers who qualified since 2011 have left the profession and students in the UK feel much more anxious than their peers in other developed countries. However, other research suggests that children and adults who use mindfulness practices more frequently report higher wellbeing, reduced anxiety and lower stress scores. Research-based findings, coupled with case studies from the UK and beyond, will challenge participants to evaluate the state of mindfulness in their institutions and will equip them with the tools to embed an approach that reaps tangible rewards.

Course Outcomes

  • Create a mindfulness culture in your school by engaging critically with the latest research
  • Avoid the pitfalls that can mitigate against a successful approach
  • Enhance staff and learner capacity to make better decisions
  • Embed a mindful approach to career development and advice and guidance
  • Apply mindfulness to self-regulation and improved behaviour
  • Marry metacognition with deep learning and mastery for improved results

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