Understanding and Supporting Anxious Students

A one day masterclass with Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Without the right understanding and support, anxiety can seriously impact on students lives and learning. By the end of the day you’ll understand the what, why and who of anxiety and its many forms. Working closely with Pooky and drawing on your own experience, you’ll develop a wide range of strategies you can use to work alongside anxious pupils, enabling them to cope and thrive.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand anxiety’s causes, effects and how things feel for affected students
  • Learn healthy coping strategies that enable students to help themselves
  • Help students break the cycle of anxious thinking using basic CBT techniques
  • Explore what works for emotionally based school avoidance
  • Prevent test anxiety and exam stress from impeding student performance
  • Receive a free copy of “Cards Against Anxiety” by Pooky Knightsmith

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